Climate Change – We totally get it now

climate change tetris

Climate change is a serious topic, while we all know how seriously we ought to take it, the nitty gritty part can be hard to understand, hard to comprehend. Finally we think we have a video that totally nailed it, allowing us all to take it all in in a ...

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18 Most Extraordinary Beaches Around the World

Hidden Cave Beach - Marieta, Mexico

The most amazing beaches in the world are not necessarily your stereotypical palm tree-lined, sandy shorelines. Instead, imagine a beach with black volcanic sand, or a beach scattered with chunks of glacier ice. There are beaches with green sand, purple sand, red sand, white sand, and even glass sand. Some are so secluded, ...

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Girls To Men | Jamie’s Transgender Transmission Timelapse

Girls to Men

Girls to Men follows three young Brits going through extraordinary transformations to fulfill their dream of becoming men. The film features unprecedented access to surgical procedures including breast removal and phalloplasty – the creation of their own, functioning penises. The film also meets the increasingly confident online community of young ...

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Tweets That Got These People Fired


Justine Sacco was a very successful PR Executive in New York. This very sensitive tweet about her trip to Africa really caught on. She was fired in the middle of her 12 hour flight from London to Johannesburg and found out after she landed. Kind of ironic for someone who ...

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Perfectly Timed Photos

perfectly timed photos

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, thats the famous old saying, but with the advance of technology for access to have pictures taken and the way in which they are distributed, we do get to see some pretty “interesting” photos on the net. Heres a small compilation we have ...

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