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Syrian refugees arriving in Scotland

First Syrian Refugee - Welcome to Scotland

Following the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, the Syrian refugees are unfairly thrown into the spotlight. As speculation began swirling that those involved in the Nov. 13 2015 attacks had crossed into France amongst wave of Syrian refugees escaping conflict. This has prompted harsh anti-refugee rhetoric across Western Europe, and ...

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Girls To Men | Jamie’s Transgender Transmission Timelapse

Girls to Men

Girls to Men follows three young Brits going through extraordinary transformations to fulfill their dream of becoming men. The film features unprecedented access to surgical procedures including breast removal and phalloplasty – the creation of their own, functioning penises. The film also meets the increasingly confident online community of young ...

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Tweets That Got These People Fired


Justine Sacco was a very successful PR Executive in New York. This very sensitive tweet about her trip to Africa really caught on. She was fired in the middle of her 12 hour flight from London to Johannesburg and found out after she landed. Kind of ironic for someone who ...

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